Thursday, August 11, 2016

Beer and Chocolate Pairing August 2016

Back again at Larder & Cupboard for more Beer and Chocolate - together!

We started off the night with my favorites, so I guess that makes it my favorite pairing? The very refreshing "Float Trip Ale" along with a melt-in-your-mouth Apricot Grappa chocolate.

Apricot Grappa chocolate with Piney River Float Trip Ale
The Piney River Missouri Mule IPA is too hoppy for me as it is made with four types of hops, but another top chocolate was the Apple really has an apple flavor!

Apple Caramel and Kickstart Granola with Piney River Missouri Mule IPA
Patience loves the Piney River Hobby Farm Ale, which is a seasonal beer that has a lot of floral notes to it. That paired well with the Tomato Bark and Seed Geeks Chocolate Creamed Honey.

Tomato Bark and Seed Geeks Chocolate Creamed Honey with Piney River Hobby Farm Ale
The Piney River Masked Bandit IPA is made with two different malts and two types of hops. This was paired with a Pecan Caramel, which tasted just like pecan pie.

Pecan Caramel and American Spoon Fudge Sauce with Piney River Masked Bandit IPA
For dessert, a Tropical Pale Ale, tasting much like passion fruit, was appropriately paired with a Coco-Cashew Caramel. You can see the bits of coconut on top!

Coco-Cashew Caramel with Tropical Pale Ale
You'll probably be seeing a lot more classes like these as the seasons change, which means new flavors of beer and chocolate.


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