Thursday, August 18, 2016

Gift A Meal app + donate to Food Outreach

I was recently approached by Jacob Mohrmann, the Chief Marketing Officer of GiftAMeal.

Since you know how much I love to dine out and take pictures of my food, there is finally an app for Android (and iPhone) that will donate some of my dine outs to charity!

I have selected Food Outreach as my charity of choice as I have attended a few events for them such as "A Tasteful Affair".

Want to join me?

1) Download "GiftAMeal" app to your smart phone. (Perhaps buy a smart phone first?)
2) Click "Sign Up"
3) For the Promo Code type: MMFO  (This is my promo code to share! Please share it!)
4) Check the "I agree to Terms" box and sign in with either Facebook or your email address.
5) Fill out the info form. (Some typing with a finger is involved but you can do it!)
6) Click the "Sign Up" button and wait for the intro screen to appear.
7) Dine out and use the app by taking a picture of your food and posting it!

Each time a user signs up with my Promo Code MMFO, GiftAMeal donates $1 to Food Outreach!

Note: This app is good for restaurants in St. Louis and Chicago.


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