Thursday, December 15, 2016

Garden on Grand

Unfortunately, Garden on Grand has closed.

Our foodie friends, Jamie and Shannon, wanted to try Garden on Grand and we were intrigured to try someplace new. I was hoping it wasn't just all salads, but I would describe it more like Asian fusion.

The unique craft cocktails definitely stood out here. Manhazerac (love the name!) for Patience and a Brexit 75 for me.

Brexit 75
Since we were the first ones to arrived, we picked out the appetizers. (You could probably make a meal out of them really.)

Pan Seared Duck Dumplings (pot stickers) and the risotto (a special for that night) were also winners.

But wait, there's more!

There are only a few entree selections, but there is something for everyone in addition to the specials of the night.

Patience went with her go-to, Fried Rice, but their version came with coconut oil with shrimp.

Shannon dared to try the Roasted Salmon, which has gotten great reviews and was probably the best entree of all.

Roasted Salmon
Here is Jamie's burger. -record scratch-  At least they used a 6-year cheddar cheese to melt all over it.

The Burger and Fries
And here is my entree...wonder what's inside?

Covered dish...
I ordered the special of the night, Baramundi, a white fish, which came with cherry tomatoes and white beans in a broth.  It was good, but the salmon was really the way to go.

Of course dessert happened. Shannon and Jamie got their favorite, bread pudding, which went quick, so I'm thinking it was a good choice.

Bread Pudding
Patience ordered the Panna Cotta all to herself since I was way too full and there wasn't any chocolate besides the chocolate stick.

Panna Cotta
Be sure to make a reservation for a weekend night, or else you might want to wait until spring. Since we didn't have a reservation and had to sit by the door, it was quite chilly whenever the door opened.


Garden on Grand =

Photos by Patience Scanlon

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