Thursday, December 15, 2016

Parigi Jewish Deli Breakfast Popup

Unfortunately, this restaurant has closed.

I was SO stoked when I saw that Ben Poremba was putting on a Jewish deli pop up for brunch! Not only are these all my favorite foods, but I was happy to finally check out his new restaurant Parigi. It is high on my list for dinner as well.

The paper menu was placed in front of us as we sat down and I thought that was nice to share a thank you note. Unfortunately, it took the server's help to explain that we had to flip it over to see the actual menu! hehehe

Thank you note
AH! Much better! One of everything please!

Ok, we really didn't order one of everything, but we sure tried! We started off with a Breakfast Cocktail (think baking spices) and a Mimosa (it's huge).

Patience ordered coffee and a Breakfast Cocktail

My mimosa
You know we had to have a bagel and lox (Smoked Salmon Plate) and I believe there was homemade schmeer! All the "fish appetizers" came with cucumber, capers, red onion to top the bagel. Plenty of lox to heavily cover each side of my bagel...but that was just warm up!

Smoked Salmon Plate with cucumbers, capers, and red onion
Here is a beautiful completed pretty I could cry!

Bagel with smoked salmon, cucumber, capers, and schmeer
Adorable blintzes... with jam on top. One for each of us so no fighting!

Patience loves egg salad so that was an easy pick. I didn't realize it was also available at Olio!

Olio's Famous Egg Salad

Then we saved another favorite for last, matzah ball soup! We each got two small "sinkers"!!!

Matzah Ball Soup

I know there is a second one coming up THIS Sunday, December 18th, and I hope he'll do more throughout the year. There weer so many things we didn't get to try like latkes, chopped liver, Beef Tongue, and white fish all were calling to me.

And you better come hungry if you dare to order one of the sandwiches!

I could eat this food everyday for breakfast!!


Parigi =

Photos by Patience Scanlon

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