Monday, January 2, 2017

STLCheesegirl Top Post 2016

While I didn't have as many reviews this year, I actually hit an all time high for my top blog post. 

I also didn't hit as many PW Pizza beer dinners nor as many cheese classes, but each year brings something new as I am now a regular at Larder & Cupboard for their classes, and there were a lot of new restaurants coming out.

A friend from my "growing up" is now a fellow wine geek and got a job at the winery. So of course a road trip was required. I'm not sure the last time I had gone to that winery, but it's all grown up and has a brewery on the property as well. I'm not sure if Megan shared this post on her blog or what, but I had a ridiculous amount of page views.

After recently celebrating their one year anniversary, the Fondue Class is its most popular class as it sells out very quickly each time. Unfortunately, the class size is limited, but this month alone there are two seatings! Be sure to check the events page on their website. Additional classes include Beer and Cheese pairings and Whiskey and Chocolate pairings.

One of the hottest new restaurants of the should definitely make it a date night at least once. Just be sure to make a reservation way in advance!

This was my birthday dinner with great friends and another hot, new restaurant. Be sure to check out their brunch too!

I finally made it to one of Mike Ward's classes...he's such a great wine expert and teacher, and I always learn something new from him. Unfortunately, his classes are a bit far south for me so this was the only class I made it to. 

Whiskey and Chocolate Pairing at Larder & Cupboard -
Another winning combination and there will be more of these this year!

I am a loyal customer of the monthly PW Pizza Beer Dinners. These dinners are a great way to try beers from craft breweries around the country, as well as the local area. The list for this year is out so sign up EARLY because these dinners book up quick!

This restaurant was introduced to us by fellow foodies who were regulars at one point. Another great date night location.

Not only did we get an IKEA, but we now have a Mellow Mushroom! We are on the map! I probably should have waited until the hype died down, but definitely a family friendly environment with the level of noise. I was eating that pizza for days. 

Another new restaurant that I got to enjoy for Mother's Day. This is a special occasion place for sure.

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