Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Twisted Tree

With all the positive hype I kept hearing, I jumped at the chance to try Twisted Tree for my birthday!

As soon as I walked in, I was immediately impressed with the updated decor and the blue-lit bar caught my attention. Upscale, modern and lots of dark wood seem appropriated for a steak place. I chuckled at the large "901 Liquor" sign as it was a throw back for me. Be sure to take a walk behind the bar to the bathrooms to see more "upscale" touches.

I saw a couple of private rooms to one side, but was sat in the large dining room where a chalkboard listing the day's specials covered the wall.

While waiting for my friend to arrive, the busboy slipped me a closed brown bag and a warm bread roll was tucked inside. I felt less guilty sneaking the warm bread since my friend received her own bag when she arrived.

The menu is a good length so as not to be overwhelming, but plenty to choose from. I'm actually a big fan of selecting seafood from steak houses. I was about to pick the salmon, but the fish special, a Sea Bass won me over. It came with the potatoes, but I had also ordered a side of broccoli as well.

Sea Bass with potatoes and greens
All main courses are served with a family-style salad bowl as well. The two of us couldn't finish one bowl, so it's probably best for three to four, but we were smart and saving room for the rest of our meal.

The best part of the salad was the different dressings and following our servers orders, we tried them altogether! Another foodie friend hunted down the Pear Tree Vinaigrette for himself!

If you order a steak, your server will wheel out a large cart and "sauce" your meat right in front of you. Here is my friend's six ounce filet with a baked potato with the au jus all over!

Filet Mignon and baked potato
With all the extras and typically large portions, neither one of us had room for dessert, which was a bummer because I really would love to try a boozy milkshake!

Make note that we were there fairly early on a weeknight and the room filled up quick. For a weekend, I bet the room gets noisy fast so definitely be sure to make a reservation, especially with all the hype.


Twisted Tree =

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