Wednesday, April 19, 2017


Luckily, my foodie friends, Shannon and Jamie, like to hit new restaurants RIGHT when they first open. So they were kind enough to be our personal tour guides when we decided to check out Nixta as well.

I am a little sad that Ben Poremba already had flipped the concept of the restaurant, but I do admit that I'm over the fried chicken fad. I was curious how something completely different in the same spot would do.

I really appreciated our server's patience, since this is nothing like Casa Gallardo! I had trouble just deciding on a cocktail, even before I got to the regular menu.

I had one all picked out and then decided to try a margarita instead at the last minute since that seemed to be the thing to do at a Mexican restaurant.

Unfortunately, the margarita was a little too boozy for me, so Patience was kind enough to switch drinks. The Quatro was the right amount of sweet for me and included aged rum, lime, blood orange, and cinnamon.

We started off the night with an odrer of Pepita Guacamole to share!

Pepita Guacamole
I'm not the most familiar with authentic Mexican cuisine, but I know I love tacos! So lamb tacos is what I ordered!

Lamb Tacos
The plates at the top of the menu are smaller and make for good starters, so Patience and I also shared the Ceviche. We just can't say no to scallops!

Shannon's dishes were a lot more interesting and colorful as she ordered the Flautas and a Crab Tostada.


Crab Tostadas
Patience was very bold and ordered the Pulpo, or crispy octopus, which turned out to be quite tasty!

Pulpo - Crispy Octopus
And we have to try dessert! We all shared a piece of flan... almost too pretty to eat?

Looking for something unique and different? I think this concept might be around longer.


Nixta =

Photos by Patience Scanlon

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