Thursday, May 4, 2017

Parigi for Dinner

I had been wanting to go to Parigi for a long time, mostly because it is a Ben Poremba restaurant, and because it's Italian food. I even drive by it since it's in the Clayton area! My parents have even been there! Luckily, they were nice enough to "let me" take my Dad there for his birthday.

Patience and I got to the restaurant early so we could have a little happy hour on our own...

...with some Arancini (risotto balls) to start off. They're filled with Teleggio and Peperonata!)

We also started with fresh made bread with olive oil while we waited for our meal...this came in handy for sopping up the sauce later!

Fresh made bread
We had a VERY hard time making a selection...there were Sea Scallops and Striped Bass on the menu! But we all went with Italian dishes.

I was in a "risotto mood" and got the special of the night.

Risotto Special
Patience went with one of her favorites: Lasagne Bolognese! Look at all those layers!

Lasagna Bolognese
Linda had the Brodetto, an assorted shellfish and fish stew, which reminded me a lot of Chiappino.

As for my Dad... well, he cleans his plate pretty all I know is that there several beef and lamb dishes on the menu so there is something for everyone.

And we can't have a birthday without something to stick a candle in. Patience and I had to do most of the work on this Pistachio ice cream and Bread Pudding!

Pistachio ice cream on top of bread pudding
A great place for a special occasion!

Of course we needed a to go box! Did you see the size of that Lasagne!

Parigi =

Photos by Patience Scanlon

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