Thursday, May 4, 2017

Louie's Wine Dive

Louie's Wine Dive is not that far away from us in downtown Clayton, so I at least had to try it. My hesitation is that this is actually a chain when there are quite a few local wine shops that could use our support more, but I wanted to check it out for myself.

This wine bar, located in the old Tani Sushi location, appears to be a good spot to start out your evening since it's so close to restaurants like Sardella, Pasteria, and Cafe Napoli.

You can't miss the gigantic wine board board when you first walk in. The board, along with the lengthy wine list, makes for a rather difficult time of trying to find a wine to drink that you might like. Luckily, everyone behind the bar was helpful and we were offered samples to help us narrow down our choices. Unfortunately, the wines per glass were priced a bit higher than I like to spend.

Wine Board
I thought the bottles on the wall was pretty cool too...

Wine bottle art decoration
The best part about Louie's is that they had plenty of our favorite snacks to go with the wine.

Snack listing
I immediately went for the Squeaky Cheese Curds, which came with a serrano dill aioli and a marinara sauce.

Squeaky Cheese Curds with serrano dill aioli and a marinara sauce
And Patience can't help but order the Mussels! We're so predictable!

Mussels, tomatoes, lemongrass, tom yum broth, focaccia
Since we were still hungry and ready for another glass of wine, we ordered another round. This was where the wheels started to fall off and we overdid it a little bit. Ok, a lot.

I tried to order something small by ordering the Guacamole, but it came with so many chips and veggies!
Patience had to try ALL the cheese by ordering TWO Charcuterie boards!

First cheese plate...

...and the second one!
So many choices! So we got them all!
And we just can't resist dessert, especially when it's Beignets! They were kind enough to box them up for us because we just did not have room for all of them!


They even have their own glasses!

Louie's Wine Dive =

Photos by Patience Scanlon

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