Friday, May 26, 2017

Hi-Pointe Drive-In

I had a day off so that meant a chance for a good lunch! Since this was my first time, I went with my favorites, but I certainly hope to go back some time to try all the other items!

I got a double patty... I think a single would have been fine!

Hamburger double patty with cheddar
Washed it all down with a  cold chocolate shake. Perfect for summertime!

Chocolate Shake
I had to save the mac and cheese side for later... way too much.

Mac and Cheese
All the sandwiches that came out seemed pretty huge so you can share them for sure.

I even wanted to try some of the specials on the board... so bring some friends so you can try a few things!

Specials Board

Hi-Point Drive-In =

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