Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Half & Half Brunch

Since I "food cheated" and snuck off to Sardella's for breakfast last week before work, I agreed to take Patience to the hottest brunch spot in town, Half & Half.

This place is ALWAYS busy so you must use the NoWait app. We got in line from bed. Not only did we have an hour wait to kill, but then we had a half hour wait for our food.

But now I can see why so many people want to eat there. It was amazing.

Even though there were pancakes AND French Toast, Patience chose the sausage biscuit. Look how tall that thing is! On top of the house made sausage is cheddar, scrambled eggs, and aioli.

Sausage biscuit
My Cali omelette was actually a reasonable size and came with a ton of guacamole and tomatoes on top. I didn't even need to eat too many potatoes. I'm still eating the potatoes days later. hehe

Cali Omelette
A great place to try once or if you can go super early...


Half & Half = http://www.halfandhalfstl.com/

Photos by Patience Scanlon

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