Tuesday, November 20, 2018


Yes, yes it does live up to the hype! They have yet to have a slow night, so you'll still need to wait before it quiets down over there, if it ever does.

The first time I went was before 6pm on a Sunday night, and no matter what night you go, I highly recommend you get there before 6pm to have a good chance of getting a table. They do NOT take reservations! Yellowbelly does have a good size bar, but by the time we left, there was a row of people standing behind those seated at the bar.

Speaking of the bar, this is definitely the place where you want to get a cocktail, whether it's a rum-based tiki drink or not. There should be something for everyone. I tried the namesake, the tropical looking Yellowbelly, and it was so refreshing.

Look! There is Matt Sorrell in the wild.

Matt Sorrell slingin' drinks
The menu is not too big and it helps to bring a friend to try a few dishes or share a big one. Both times I went, we started with the Sea Biscuits, which are just adorable.

Sea Biscuits
Beth wanted to try the Charred Carrots, which seemed to be a nice side dish to a larger entree you order with it.

Charred Carrots
The Avacado Toast was amazing!! You must get this! And no...it's not an egg...it's actually a mango... and it still explodes all over the place when you cut into it. Patience loved it as well!

Avocado Toast
The first time I went I split the double cheeseburger with Beth. Oh my...so filling. Tons of fries!

Double Cheeseburger
A couple of weeks later, Patience and I split the Thai Cioppino...if you love shellfish and can handle a little kick, this was a delicious and hearty dish with clams, prawns, calimari, and a white fish.

Thai Cioppino
Keeping with the Polynesian theme, I had Grandma's Coconut Cake to take home both times, although I'm not sure who's Grandma is the actual baker.

Yellowbelly is going to be busy for a while, but it is definitely worth waiting at the bar for!


Yellowbelly = http://yellowbellystl.com/

Photos by Patience Scanlon

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