Saturday, January 12, 2019

Cinder House

After hearing so many wonderful things about Cinder House, we could not wait until we had a special occasion, our anniversary, to get to experience it for ourselves!

I had been to the restaurant space a couple of times as Cielo so I was curious to see if the new version would be similar or not. The menu is definitely different with a South American influence!

The bar area is still the same wide open space and got noisy at times, but the dining area has dim lighting to make for a romantic, more elegant evening. (Although not so great for taking pictures of our courses!)

We got to start with complimentary rose bubbles...and then ordered cocktails with our meal.

Anniversary bubbles!
I definitely wanted to try the much-talked about Dia's Cheesebread and was surprised to see cheese biscuits with ham and pickled onions so you could make a cute, baby sandwich. I appreciated the fact that there were four instead of us having to fight over a three.

Dia's Cheese Bread
I hadn't seen Piri Piri Chicken on a menu since I visited England, so I had my heart set on it. Fortunately, our server warned me just how spicy the sauce was and suggested that I keep it on the side. I loved the chicken by itself and the sauce definitely had some heat! Yikes!

Piri Piri Chicken
Luckily, my dish came with a side of polenta so I used that as my "dipping sauce" instead.

Patience heard about the strip steak on the list of specials and jumped on the chance to order it. Too bad we didn't ask the price first as it was the most expensive steak on the menu. Good thing she thoroughly enjoyed it! hehehehe

Strip Steak
Her steak came with three sauces to try too!

Steak Sauces
I had also heard good things about the carrots so I ordered that as another side, which came in a mole sauce.

Carrots in Mole sauce
And you KNOW we ordered dessert!

We ordered the flan to share and of course I mixed it with my chocolate ice cream!


Ready to dive into some chocolate ice cream
Cinder House is still an upscale restaurant, but be sure to check the menu first before you go. Great for adventurers!


Cinder House =

Photos by Patience Scanlon

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