Sunday, January 13, 2019

Red Oak Biscuits

EDIT: Unfortunately, this restaurant has closed.

Patience is a huge biscuit fan so she had been wanting to go to Red Oak Biscuits for weeks and I promised we'd go as soon as we could. Luckily, we needed to find time to hang out with our friend Babsi and she was willing to meet us for breakfast!

While you could get the usual "biscuits and gravy" here, we all went for the "Sandos" or sandwiches using the biscuits as the "bread". We all ordered the "Smashing", which includes an sunnyside egg, goat cheese, avocado, chili oil, pesto, and microgreens.

Now these were big, heavy biscuits so I ate mine open-faced!

Smashing Sando
Of course I had to try some sides...

You can get Loaded Potatoes with any two toppings! Of course I added cheese along with some more avacado.

Breafkast potatoes with two toppings
And then I ordered a side berries just to have something healthy with this heavy meal. I didn't get very many though. Or maybe it just looks likes it since it was spread on a flate plate...

Turns out that the "biscuits and gravy" were already sold out and there wasn't any smoothies left either. We got there after 10:30AM so be sure to get there early on the weekends!

Seating is limited as well, although there are a few tables in the back, but it is a former small, corner bar.


Red Oak Biscuits =

Photos by Patience Scanlon

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