Sunday, February 10, 2019

Crispy Edge

It was my birthday and so I get to choose! I chose Crispy Edge because quite a few of my fellow city friends had swung by a couple of times before I even had a chance to get there once.

Since it's located in the middle of Tower Grove, it was easy for them to stop in. Their experiences had been mixed over time so I wanted to see for myself.

And then there were a lot more choices to make! Patience and I like to be able to order one of everything and we had to divide and conquer for sure.

We stuck to the "Crispy Stickers" list and made it most of the way through. Unfortunately, you can't just order one of each have to pick a set of three or a set of six. This makes sense as far as the kitchen goes, but I would have probably preferred two of each. Luckily, we always ordered in pairs so that we had six come out at one time to help us keep things even.

I wanted to start with the Traditional pot sticker, with soy sauce, and the Mediterranean Lamb, which came with Tzatziki.

Traditional and Mediterranean Lamb
The Vietnamese Spring Rolls came wrapped in a bibb lettuce with a lime on the side.

Vietnamese Spring Roll
Patience was brave and tried a spicier "Dragon" pot sticker, the special for the night and not on the main menu. It tasted just like a Dragon sushi roll, but it wasn't too spicy after all!

Dragon Roll
For our second round of pot stickers, we had a hard time telling them apart: Chorizo Date and Lemongrass Chicken.

Chorizo Date

Lemongrass Chicken
We finished off our meal with one of each of the "dessert" pot stickers, since you can order those as a single: Apple Pie and Cherry Blossom. Once again, Patience and I each preferred a different flavor so it was good we ordered both!

The apple pie sat in a bourbon caramel sauce...

Apple Pie
 The Cherry Blossom had a mascarpone cherry filling...

Cherry Blossom
But of course, there was always more to try...there are salad and small plate options if you want to try something BESIDES a pot sticker. (But why would you?)

I WAS very interested in the "Dinner Entrees" because they listed even more unique pot stickers that I was really curious about, but those were only available after 5pm.

Dinner Entrees

If you zoom in on the menu, there are several vegan and vegetarian items so there is something for everyone to try!


Crispy Edge =

Photos by Patience Scanlon

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