Sunday, February 10, 2019

PW Pizza Left Hand Brewing Beer Dinner 2019

I looked back in my notes and the last time Left Hand Brewing visited was 2016, so I was happy to see them back again!

We kicked off the night with a Caribeean Caesar salad which had a spicy dressing, but that paired really well with the super light and easy to drink "Travelin' Light". I gotta remember this beer when I'm out! Perfect for summer drinking...

Caribbean Caesar
The first pizza was my favorite of the night since I tasted mostly sweet flavors with cheese totally covering the pizza. The Juicy Goodness, a New England style IPA, was big on the citrus and Patience and I could actually handle these hops.

Sweet Chili Chicken Pizza
The Pot Roast Pizza was a little funky in taste, but it was a great pairing for the heavier Death Before Disco Porter. It was soooooo easy to drink for a porter!

Death Before Disco Porter
The Raspberry Milk Stout had a big raspberry finish so it's definitely a dessert beer. Of course it was paired with an Almond Lemon-Raspberry Fool. (I had to look up what a fool English custard dessert with fruit folded in.)

Almond Lemon-Raspberry Fool
It just needed a magic chocolate shell on top or chocolate syrup!

All winning pairings and a great way to start off the new year of beer dinners!

Left Hand Brewing Menu

Left Hand Brewing =

PW Pizza =

Photos by Patience Scanlon

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