Saturday, February 23, 2019

Grand Tavern

I can remember sitting in the original Dark Room looking up at the building that is now the Angad Arts Hotel and hoping that it could be put to good use someday.

Well, the building is finally finished and on the main floor is the Grand Tavern by David Burke - a fancy NY chef. I knew I had to try it and the Sorrells were kind enough to take me there for my birthday.

I was excited about the high-end restaurant, but with it comes high-end expecations and I'm not quite sure all the kinks are worked out just yet. Since the restaurant is in the arts district, theater timing is very important. Another issue I found is the high ceilings in the main room, which leads to a loud dining experience. And in our situation... a large and obnoxious birthday party sitting next to us caused our server to have to apologize. Even the table behind us requested to move to "the red room", which seems to be a far more intimate area.

Other than not being able to talk to each other, our courses were pretty amazing. And I do mean "courses" because the food just kept coming.

There was a small cocktail list, but the prices were a little higher than we prefer.  I did enjoy the garnishes for the Bee's Kneeds is so pretty!


Bee's Knees
We got to start with an amuse bouche...I believe there is lobster on top there.

Amuse bouche
Even the bread service was "big", since we each got a popover the size of our heads!

Patience and I were very curious about the Emotional Lobster Dumplings. athough I'm not sure which emotion we were supposed to be feeling.

Lobster Dumplings
Of course we HAD to get David Burke's "famous" Clothesline Bacon, where they torched it by hand at the table. Entertaining if nothing else!

Clothesline Bacon
Finally on to the main courses...I played it safe with the branzino (white fish) on the menu, but Patience ordered the steak special.  We both added on a vegetable on the side since they are all a la carte. I ordered the Angry Brocoli...angry because they were spicy!


Steak Special with Pasta
Angry Brocolli
And Pai got to load up on Brussels sprouts. Both are shareable for probably two people.

Brussels Sprouts
Beth went all out with the Saturday special: Surf and Turf on a bed of polenta

Surf and Turf
I believe Matt chose a clams and linguine dish.

Clams and Linguine
Special thanks again to the Sorrells, since the desserts never stopped coming!

Dessert Tray
We each got our own "dessert tray": Strawberries, small cake, a David Burke Cheesecake Lollipop, cotten candy, and a gooey butter donut!!! All of these were amazing!!

Although it couldn't top my personal "birthday dessert"!!!!!!!

Chocolate Peanut Butter Mousse
On the menu for anyone, birthday or not, I was very blown away by the Chocolate Peanut Butter Mousse - "radio city rockette style" with raspberries. Isn't she sexy??

Then we got to have a complimentary macaroon along with our bill. SO! STUFFED!

Coffee Macaroons
This is definitely a special occasion type of place, but probably not before a theater show unless you go very early. Check out the menus before you go...

Dinner Menu

Drink Menu

Dessert Menu

Grand Tavern =

Photos by Patience Scanlon

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