Friday, March 1, 2019


My "first to try a new restaurant" friends found a winner with 58hundred, which is also its address.  Another bonus is that it's a neighborhood restaurant that's only ten minutes away!

I hope this means we'll go back soon...especially since Patience was sick and I'm not even sure she'll get to enjoy the leftovers I brought her.

I loved the concise menu, focused on locally sourced ingredients.

Something different to start with - Pimento Cheese Toast, which my southern friends say I need to eat more of as the "cheese girl". The toast was thick and hearty and you should probably get some help with this as it could fill you up and not leave you room for anything else.

Nashville's Pimento Cheese Toast
My friends and the servers all said the Braised Beef is their best dish, and I thoroughly enjoyed it on a cold and rainy day. It came with brown butter gnocchi, squash, carrots, sage, in a red wine reduction.

Braised Beef
My friends ordered all appetizers for their meal, and split everything. So wise. Without my photography assistant, I missed capturing the nachos, but managed to get the shrimp.

Spicy Buffalo Fried Shrimp
I finished up the night with a large lemon bar, while my friends opted for a piece of banana cream pie. Of course the lemon bar couldn't stand up to my stepmom's, but I had to try it for myself.

Lemon Bar
I can't wait to go back and bring more friends here!

This place does not take a reservation, but there are several tables in the bar half of the building along with seating at the bar.


58hundred =

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