Wednesday, November 6, 2019


Patience had been bugging me for WEEKS wanting to try out this new restaurant, but I knew it would be so pricy, even with the a la carte menu.

But then I found out Zac Adcox had started working there after Reed's closed (moment of silence), and then next thing I knew, Patience had slapped a date night on the calendar.

While I try not to go too early to new restaurants, this one totally lived up to the hype.

We decided to just order all the things we were interested in, but then we also wanted to order from each section of the menu. We chose a bunch of hot tastings, then a couple of cold tastings, and last we picked out sashimi and nigiri to cover all the bases.

You can order everything all at once, like we did, and then just wait to see what comes out next, or just order a few things at a time, gauging your hunger.

Hot Tastings

The Tom Yum Pork Skins were basically pork rinds, but came with a slightly spicy shrimp topping, along with a chive aioli to help cool things down. This is probably a dish you can skip since all the other dishes just stood out so much more.

Tom Yum Pork Skins
Both Patience and I love Gyoza, so it's almost a tradition for us to order it at different Asian restaurants. This version did not disappoint!

The dumplings (about eight of them) are hidden under the crust.

Although not fish-based, the Lamb Ribs had to be one of the best dishes they offer!

Lamb Ribs
Another personal favorite, because it's lobster, the Lobster Thermidor is a winner. Quite rich!

Lamb Ribs
While not in the Hot Tastings section, we also ordered the special of the night, Hamachi Kama, which is fish cheek. There is a thin breading on it, and we both dug out all the white meat. Also spectacular!

Hamachi Kama
Cool Tastings

Am I allowed to have more favorites? The Sake Sashimi (salmon) was amazing. I think this is also a must order dish.
Sake Sashimi
Our other "cool tasting" was a Vegetarian Hand Roll, which was served in a shot glass. Adorable! Patience and I took turns taking bites.

Vegetarian Hand Roll
Last but not least, we had our server pick out nigiri for us since there are always quite a few on the menu, and they prefer serve what has been flown in fresh that morning. We had a Saba nigiri, better known as mackerel.

Saba Nigiri
No room for dessert after all of this, but we did manage to find our way to Olio across the street for a night cap. (They were still slammed.)

Special thanks to Zac Adcox for all the delicious wine that perfectly paired with our meal.

Indo Menu


Photos by Patience Scanlon


  1. Ooh looks awesome! I’m the same as you—I like to let restaurants get in their groove before I go.


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