Wednesday, March 4, 2020


"Wow," Patience said. And that was just the first thing we ate...the Loaded Cornbread.

Loaded Cornbread
"God damn delicious," said Beth, in summary.

Let's just say Bulrush exceeded my expectations.

Fun  Cocktail Menu Cover!
My birthday kept rolling right along and this is another top restaurant that you should try this year. Oh, by the way, we were only sitting at the bar with the limited menu and that was amazing on its own.

The cockatil menu is quite extensive though, with a lot of seats around three sides the bar. I highly recommend going during the week to get a spot.

Cocktail Menu
Beautiful cocktails

Pai's Manhattan
The bar's food menu is "shown" on the wall.

Bar menu
The Venison Burgers were soft and tender, so we ended up ordering two orders of these.

Venison Sliders
When I saw "Bread & Pickles", I thought they meant "slices" of pickle, but it actually consisted of a variety of pickled apples, beets, and a couple of other vegetables.

Bread & Pickles
All the items were a dense collection of flavors, with many layers, and I was surprised to feel full at the end.

And when you share small plates, that means there is room to try BOTH desserts!

Pawpaw Bread tasted more like a dense carrot cake.

Pawpaw Bread
The Acorn Macarons just melted in your mouth. Oh my! I would have sworn it was chocolate.

Acorn Macarons
Hopefully someday I will get the chance to try the full menu, where you get to sit at a bar in front of the chefs, but it is pricy.

And before you's tradition to get your picture taken in front of the colorful, artsy wall!

Beth, Pai, and I
Make sure you put this restaurant on your list for this year! I have no doubt the menu will be seasonal, so be sure to hurry and go for each season.


Bulrush =

Photos by Patience Scanlon

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