Sunday, March 22, 2020

Vom Fass Raclette Class

While helping to close down Larder and Cupboard, my friend Cindy's store at the end of 2019, we reminisced about our favorite classes that were held there.

My favorite class has to be the "Raclette Class", where scraping melted raclette from a fancy cheese-heating machine was the grand finale. See:

Cindy immediately perked up and shared that Vom Fass, her Swedish retail next door neighbor, was hosting a raclette class at the end of February! We both signed up immediately!

Vom Fass
Since it's a lot of work, Vom Fass only holds these classes a couple of times a years. (They could probably make a mint doing it once a month!) Heads one is rumored to be in November.

If you love cheese, even half as much as I do, this is an awesome experience.

The store is closed at night to make room for three large, round tables, with a hot plate in the center of each one. Just below the cooking surface for the meats are rows of small squares to melt your cheese. Vom Fass perfectly cut aged and young swiss slices to be placed on the squares so the meats and cheese all get hot together before they are combined on your plate.

Table spread with meats cooking in the middle...
The table is also covered with various toppings too...bacon, ham, pineapple, corn, gherkins pickles, black olives, garlic, and bread. And you can have a small potato as well.

I made sure to cut up the potato first so when the cheese was melted, I could smother the potato as well as the cooked meats I picked out.

And after! Meat, cheese, mushroom, and tomatoes covered in cheese!
In addition to the slices of beer, tomatoes, garlic, and mushrooms were my favorite items to be topped by cheese.

The $65 also covers drinks... we started off with some rose bubbles to clear the palatte, and bottles of both red and white wine poured by the staff throughout the night!

This is a great social event as you have lots of time to chit chat with your table mates while the meat cooks and you can see how others are adding toppings to their cheese.

And somehow there is always room for dessert! The owner's husband made these beautiful panna cottas himself!
Panna Cotta
You can check for upcoming classes at Vom Fass (hopefully things will be back to normal come May) here:


Vom Fass =

Larder and Cupboard =

Pictures by Patience Scanlon

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