Saturday, July 25, 2020

PW Pizza Rahr and Sons Beer Dinner

One of the few times I can get Pai to leave the house during the week is to go to our monthly PW Pizza beer dinners so it's one of the things we miss attending A LOT.

In June, PW Pizza has started up a "take out" version of their beer dinner by packaging a four course meal, along with the paired beers! (This way you don't have to worry about sell outs either!) This is a nice way of getting back to things we used to love to do.

Half and Half PW Pizza...smelled sooooo good!
I had never heard of Rahr & Sons and I did miss the background information that the invited speaker would normally give, but it looks like the beer is from Fort Worth, Texas.

The Popeye Hawaiian Salad was a generous portion, so we had to save some of that for another night. This was paired with the very light (4.5% ABV) Adios Pantelones. Definitely a summer beer that you'll want to drink when it's hot out, so the title is a fit! (I really loved the pineapple chunks with the raspberry vinagrette dressing.)

Popeye Hawaiian Salad

First Course
The winning pairing of the night, believe it or not, was the Pork Schnitzel Pizza. Yes, I said pork. Yet, the pork was very breaded so it tasted like chicken to me and the spaetzle was covered in provolone. The Blone Helles Lager was so smooth and easy to drink, I preferred it over the first beer.

Pork Schnitzel Pizza
The Quad Pep Pizza (is that a college campus reference?) defintiely had a lot of "pep"...pepperoni and peppers to give it a kick. The Dadgum IPA was wisely paired with it, but the hops were not for me. This is when we really missed our beer dinner tablemates. (Don't worry, Pai stepped up and finished all the beer.)

Quad Pep Pizza
The dessert course included a delicious Gooey Butter Cake and again was smartly paired with the Ugly Pug, a Schwarzbier, or black beer. Very smooth to drink, much like a guiness.

Gooey Butter Cake

Dessert Course
Definitely looking forward to more of these "take out beer dinners" as it gives me an extra night off from cooking, as well as bringing back more pizza into our lives again!

Rahr & Sons Menu
Please feel free to email me if you'd like me to pass on the information on the next beer dinner. Unlimited diners can sign up!


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