Sunday, August 2, 2020

Where we are quaran-dining in July

Unfortunately, I was not able to participate in "Take-out Friday" early in the month, but managed to squeeze in some winners and luckily, there are FIVE Friday nights in July this year!

When things didn't go as planned, a quick comfort meal of Chicken Lo Mein from LuLu's Asian Kitchen hit the spot. They are on our short list of top notch Chinese take out and be sure to hit up all of LuLu's restaurants.

Chicken Lo Mein
Getting back to supporting hyper local restaurants, I finally got the chance to pick up dinner from Biggie's, one of the places I walk by frequently when getting my exercise in. As soon as I said Biggie's, Patience said "STEAK SAMMICH"!! They put it on cheesy garlic bread so you know it's pretty amazing.

Steak Sandwich
I decided to try something different...Chicken Marc's (who is Marc?) is chicken topped with meat sauce, chopped broccoli, ceram sauce, cheese, parmesan, and then baked. You know I loved all that cheesy goodness on top, although the top was a little crunchy.

Chicken Marc's

Then we wrapped up the end of July with a repeat of El Paisano!


LuLu's Asian Kitchen =

Biggie's =

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