Monday, August 24, 2020

Where we are quaran-dining in August

And the beat marches on!

August 7th: We kicked off the month with a birthday party from St. Louis Pizza and Wings. (Nice and hyper local!) Why yes we did get pizza AND many different flavors of wings too.

August 14th: Patience was ready for some Chinese comfort food as our middle kitty had fallen ill. New to me, we ordered delivery from Corner 17 in the Loop! Stir-fried hand-pulled noodles with chicken for me, and Pai and I split the handmade dumplings too, which were SO filling. (We both could only eat half our dinner and at $9.99, a great deal.

Hand Pulled Noodles with Chicken
Hand-Pulled Noodles with Chicken

Handmade Dumplings
Handmade Dumplings

August 15th: What?!?! This is a Saturday! We ended up doing another super small birthday celebration by ordering Tony's favorite, LoRusso's. They even have cones set up for curb-side pick up! I felt like a celebrity! (Completely forgot to take pictures.)

August 20th: A few days later, I did a "front porch birthday" and my friend picked Pasteria, which was perfect because we had yet to order from there. Holy smokes they are SO in demand! It was a 90 minute wait for food and then some, as we pulled up out front (awkwardly in front of diners) to wait the last few minutes for our meal. Everything was delicious of course, with the Tagliatelle or “Pastaria Bolognese” as the most popular choice. Unfortunately, I only got a picture of the "The Allan", which was topped with tomato, mozzarella, mushroom, country ham, oregano, Grana Padano.

The Allan

August 21st: It was my Friday to pick and I had my eye on Juniper for a while since I've been on their email list since they opened. Not only are they doing their own delivery, but they now have "Family Meals" at VERY affordable prices. So much that I got an extra side dish and tipped well. I ordered the "feeds 4" size so that we could get two meals out of too! Almost forgot to take the picture as there are some bones on my plate! Fried chicken, broccoli (collard greens for Pai), mac & cheese (of course it was my favorite), and a ton of cornbread.

Fried chicken, mac & cheese, broccoli, cornbread

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