Sunday, August 9, 2020

PW Pizza Odell Brewing Summer Beer Dinner

July's PW Pizza beer dinner with O'Dell Brewing was definitely perfect for the heat of summer. All of the beers were very light and would be great patio pounders. Not too bad with pizza either.

O'Dell Brewing Beers

The salad courses are large in the take home version and come with so many yummy toppings. The salad dressing, an orange vinaigrette, made sense with the Odel Witkist, a grapefuirt Belgian-style white ale. The light, citrus flavors helped cut through the blue cheese on the salad too.

Mixed Green Salad

I rolled my eyes at the name of the first pizza, "The Porky Pizza", but since the pizza was covered in BBQ sauce, I admit it was quite delicious. The Odel 90 Shilling Ale was a good match for the BBQ sauce too. (90 Shilling is historically taxed on the highest quality beers in Scotland.)

The Porky Pizza

I was super stoked for the Vegged Out pizza, since that is what I usually get when I can have my own pizza. I love a pizza that is loaded up with veggie toppings, but not greasy. I thought that an IPA might be too hoppy for the pizza, but at 37 IBUs, the citrus notes stood out the most. I guess the Good Behavior name refers to the 100 calories and 7 carbs!

Vegged Out Pizza

The last course was all about peach... the Peach Stand Rambler, a blonde ale brewed with fresh peaches, paired with a Peach Whipped Cream Pie. If you enjoy peaches, this pairing is for you. Neither the beer nor the pie were overwhelming peachy either. Pai isn't a peach fan so I got all of it!

Peach Whipped Cream Pie

The next one is coming up really soon so let me know if you want information about these take home beers dinners!

Odell Beer Dinner Menu


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Photos by Patience Scanlon

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