Sunday, September 27, 2020

Where we are quaran-dining in September

As we enter month number six...but who's counting...

September 4th: Trying to keep our pizza quest going, I recently read that Elmwood was switching to carry out and delivery pizza online. We tried three different types of pizza: When in Rome, Supreme, and Classic Pepperoni (for the kids).

When In Rome Pizza
When In Rome Pizza

When In Rome was too weird for me...corn chowder pizza? With potatoes?


The Supreme was also unusual...I think it needed some black olives...and hold the kale!

Classic Pepperoni
Classic Pepperoni

At least the kids were happy with the adorable, small pepperonis covering the Classic Pepperoni!

Unfortunately, the wings were already sold out. 

Note: Order early for a carry out / delivery time slot!!

September 11th: Pai chose La Catrina for their "to go" margaritas. (Someone ordered way too many tacos...yet, we still managed to eat them all!)

Steak Tacos

September 18th: It had been a difficult and tiring week for both of us so we opted for comfort food: Pasta House. We split the salad while we each had our favorites: eggplant parm and broccoli for me, spaghetti and meatballs for Pai. We also had "happy hour" with my friend on the phone so she could join us remotely.

Pasta House

September 25: It was finally my turn to pick again and I feel very bad for choosing an Italian restaurant, but there are still more restaurants in our hood that we need to support. Pietro's has been a long time favorite for me and their salad dressing is killer. I ordered online using their website and drove to pick it up. There are several parking spots in the back for curbside pickup and the food was delivered to my car mere seconds after I called to let them know what spot I was in! So easy!


Quite the delicious month! I hope you are taking the time to pick up from your favorite local restaurants as well as fit in some comfort food.

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