Friday, September 30, 2022

Salve Osteria

Savle Osteria, pronounced "saul-VEY" because I know you were wondering, has replaced Cafe Natasha. While I'm sad to see it go, I understand that it was time and I like to support all the new and fresh concepts that come out in the STL.

Luckily, I went in August, better known as BethFest, so Beth and her husband were able to join me so we could celebrate her birthday. This also helped in trying a variety of dishes!

With the Gin Room right next door, of course I got a cocktail. It was almost impossible to choose, but I went with my original first choice: Icelandic Pear. (Check out the restaurant's cocktail list below, although the Gin Room has so much more!) 

Icelandic Pear gin cocktail

Matt ordered a specialty Gin & Tonic, which was mixed by Natasha herself.

Natasha mixes a Gin & Tonic

Beth wanted to start off with a salad, and she's the birthday girl, so this is the Salve Cesar... it had a lot going on without the heavy dressing.

Salve Ceasar

I did help out, but I preferred to have room for the good stuff, so my starter was the Arancini. These were giant!


Of course all these dishes are shareable and I highly recommend doing so.

And oh yeah...Natasha says you must try the Bacon Fat Carrots. So we did and she was RIGHT. You must.

Bacon Fat Carrots

As for the main course, I knew I was going to pick a pasta after hearing early birds rave about it, but I was torn between the Pappardelle and the Tagliatelle. Beth was a good sport and split them with me!



I did add a meatball to the Tagliatelle too, although the Pappardelle was my favorite by a little bit since it was more savory. Not sure if the was the mushrooms or mascarpone or both! All winners though.

And you can't have a birthday without a dessert! I appreciated that the dessert list was included on the menu so you could plan accordingly.

This is the Cannoli Cheesecake and I didn't let one chocolate chip get left behind!

Cannoli Cheesecake

Impeccable service as always Natasha. I can't wait to come back.

Beverage List

Food Menu


Slave Osteria =

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