Friday, September 30, 2022

Cork & Rind Cheese Class - Show Me the Cheese

Now that my work schedule has changed, I was free to go to another cheese class! This one was even better than the last! That may have been due to being able to round up several of my friends to join me since quite a few of them live on "THAT side of the river".

Not only did Flory's Truckle appear again, there were TWO amazing cheeses by Green Dirt Farms. And I think I had the best cheese by Baetje Farms that I have tried.

Show Me the Cheese List

We started off light with the German Quark by Hemme Brothers Creamery. I thought quark was more like ricotta or mascarpone texted, but this was more like a spreadable goat cheese. Either way, it was a delicious spread.

Cheese plate

Next up were the two Green Dirt Farms cheeses: Ruby an Aux Arcs, which is pronounced "Ozarks"! I love the play on spelling there.

The Ruby had a texture of a brie but had way more funk to it and the Aux Arcs was more firm, closer to a cheddar. You can thank the sheep / cow blend for that bit of funk to their cheeses.

Flory's Truckle, I talked about in my previous cheese class post here:

TLDR: One of the best cheddars I have ever had.

The last cheese was pretty amazing as the Miette by Baetje Farms was the funkiest of them all. A goat cheese with a white bloomy rind on the outside. It just melts in your mouth. 

All the funky cheese came home with me that night!


Cork & Rind =

Photos by Lara Struttman

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