Saturday, January 21, 2023


My first birthday dinner of the year was my Dad's pick... he's a picky kind of guy. Yet, I'd never say no to Italian. I'm a big fan of Cafe Napoli in Clayton, so I wasn't worried about whether or not I'd enjoy my meal at Napoli2.

I did my homework ahead of time and ordered one of my favorites, gnocchi. 


Patience couldn't resist the seafood pasta special that included GIANT shrimp (HA that sounds funny) as well as some scallops as bonus. (I got a bite!)

Shrimp and scallops over tagliatelle pasta

Linda was also swayed by the lamb chop special - I also got a bite!

Lamb Chop

My Dad ordered his favorite, liver and onions, which is what they are known for.

Upscale Italian is a winner every time, although the birthday dessert could have used a splash of chocolate on it!

Vanilla ice cream with cookie


Napoli2 =

Photos by Patience Scanlon

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