Saturday, June 23, 2012

Diablitos Cantina

Update: Diablitos has moved inside of Sanctuaria.

I recently picked Diablitos as a pre-Fox show dinner location because I kept hearing so much about their drinks and their patio. While the patio isn’t huge, I did enjoy the fast-spinning fans to help keep me cool in the warm St. Louis summer. Now inside the restaurant, it IS quite spacious and there were plenty of tables, even with a large birthday party going on that night.
Since I arrived early and hungry, I knew I had to get an appetizer and I had my sights set on the guacamole. There were huge chunks of tomatoes and onions in every bite! This was only $5 but it would barely be enough for two.
Diablitos are known for their various tequila drinks and I was happy to find so many foo foo sweet drinks that I love. I started with the El Pepino Grande since it had a lot of fruity ingredients (raspberries, lemon, lime, pineapple, and coconut nectar so I felt confident it would be mostly sweet tasting! With my meal, I then switched to the El Pelo del Perro, which is an orange infused tequila cocktail with a lot of orange-flavored ingredients. I could not taste any alcohol in either drink, and they’re quite refreshing to cool down the spice in the food.
When my friends arrived later, they ordered the salsa bar and I had to try it myself out of curiosity. For $2 per person, the unlimited chips and salsa bar has a rotating selection of quite a few salsas! There were a couple of hot ones, a few different types of fruit salsas like mango and pineapple, and then a couple of salsas that were completely different than anything I’ve ever heard of before. What’s smart is when you find the salsa you like best, you can fill a few containers of it and use it for your meal!
I ordered my favorite, Baja Fish tacos, and it worked out well that they only came with two tacos on the plate because I was already so full from guacamole and the salsa bar. I probably could have made a dinner out of another appetizer, especially the generous portion of Queso that my friends shared with me.
Diabolitos Cantina =

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