Saturday, June 23, 2012

Taqueria Durango

In case you thought I eat out constantly trying all these restaurants, well, the perception has been quite accurate this past year with my latest job since every Friday, my department goes out to lunch and you know who is “lunch coordinator”. (I may have to put that on my resume.)

Luckily, social media expert, Chris Reimer (aka @RizzoTees) just happens to work down the street from me and knows all the best restaurants in the area. Chris frequents Durango a lot and is constantly talking about it and I knew I just had to persuade my team into going there at least once.

We were smart and went right at 11:30AM sharp to beat the rush because by noon, it was packed! Folks even had to sit outside and several others left when they saw there was no room left. They also didn’t mind that we pushed several tables together.

Durango has a lengthy menu but I didn’t see the fish tacos I was looking for so I played it safe and went with a chicken quesadilla. I ordered a large quesadilla and this was plenty of food, especially since I was busy trying the three different types of salsas that they delivered in squeezable bottles. This worked out great so that there was plenty of salsa for my meal as well.

While we all got our food somewhat quickly for a large party, after sitting for quite awhile at our table, we finally had to go up to the counter to pay so we could get out of there. It was pretty much all hands on deck cooking and preparing the food behind the counter and we probably might have sat a long time if we didn’t approach the counter.

I certainly would like to try a few more items but that might have to wait until I’m with a smaller group or not at lunchtime.


Taqueria Durango =

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