Saturday, June 9, 2012

Greek Yogurt Taste Test

Since I kept hearing so much about Greek yogurt, I decided to try a few out at the grocery store and see if I could find one that I could tolerate. My initial attempts months before immediately generated a “grossed out” reaction since Greek yogurt is nothing like all the other types of regular yogurt I’ve tried. When I posted my “Greek yogurt” tasting results on Facebook, I was surprised by the large amount of strongly-opinionated comments, most of which were people recommending their favorite brand.

After following some of the recommendations, I ended up sampling quite a lot of Greek yogurts and I thought this might be worthy of a blog post all unto itself. Although I do admit, Greek yogurt is nowhere near as fun or exciting as the Wing Challenge found at

It took me a few tries to realize that I needed to just accept that Greek yogurt is a completely different texture and I needed to get past that in order to focus on the flavor and taste.

Oikos - I was grossed out at first when I opened it up (watering and cottage cheese looking) but after mixing in the fruit, it actually had a decent texture and taste.

All Natural Brown Cow - Much like Oikos...gross looking at first until you mix it up. It was too thick...I thought I was eating whole cream.

Chobani - I was most disappointed because I got so many comments raving about this brand. This was super thick and I had trouble mixing in the fruit. I just don't think I was meant to have fruit on the bottom. :/

Wallaby – This was my first time with packaging where the fruit was in a separate compartment from the yogurt. I decided to use my own bowl and mix the two together and this helped me have a successful experience! Since I had more room in a bowl to mix the two together, I was able to get a smoother flavor, much closer to the yogurt I was used to. The yogurt tastes so much better with the fruit mixed in evenly.

Fage – Much like Wallaby in that there are separate containers so it was easier to use a separate bowl to mix the fruit and the yogurt. These two probably are my favorite but only because so much stirring went on.

Athenos – Another yogurt with separate containers, but was still way too thick even after mixing. I definitely liked the fruit the best because it wasn’t overly sweet but more of a tart flavor, and has the lowest amount of sugar.

Yoplait– I was back to a single container and therefore I wasn’t able to mix the fruit from the bottom as well. I thought I was eating sour cream. Just awful. Perhaps I need to try one of my preferred fruit flavors and mix it better in a bowl like the others. Note: My favorite flavor, peach, tasted way better than my first attempt. I also took the time to mix the fruit with the yogurt in a separate bowl and made it so much better!

Anderson Erickson Peach – I didn’t have to stir it and it tasted the most like regular yogurt. Of course you can only get this in the mid-Iowa area.

Siggi’s – This turned out not to be Greek Yogurt but an Icelandic style skyr with no artificial flavoring so of course this tasted awful and was even thicker than Greek yogurt. They sweeten the skyr, or thick yogurt, with organic agave nectar. Can’t get any healthier than that!

Liberte – This yogurt was smooth but the fruit was on the bottom and really needed to be mixed separately to avoid the sour cream taste again.

The Greek Gods – When I first opened up the container, I assumed the fruit was on the bottom so I dumped the yogurt into a bowl, but there wasn’t any fruit. I had gotten Pomegranate flavor but couldn’t tell it was actually flavored. This one tasted actually pretty good for being “mixed together” already and it wasn’t overly sweet. It had more of a frozen yogurt texture than the watery, sour cream like some of the others.


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