Sunday, February 10, 2013


The other weekend night during my birthday week was my company holiday party, held way after the holidays in order to ensure the best attendance. This year’s party was held at Brazie’s, which was not too far from the previous night’s Italian dinner.

They had a separate party room for us with doors so that we would not disturb the rest of the dining area, but it quickly got very warm in the room. We had a set menu just for our party and it was easy to pick the scallops as the top dish. I did think about the pepper steak, but luckily I found a willing coworker to trade me a bite for a scallop. The steak had a lot of kick to it…a good flavor, but you had to be prepared for it…so I think I made the best choice, especially after discussing details with other tables later on.

Dessert was also an easy selection...chocolate mousse. Yes it was that good!


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