Sunday, February 10, 2013

Trattoria Marcella

The week of my birthday also happened to be monthly dinner club and we went for Italian this month (my suggestion).  The reason Italian was my suggestion was so I could have an excuse to go back to Stellina Pasta Café, which I was able to persuade most of the vote to pick Stellina, but unfortunately, they have a small restaurant and they were not able to handle such a large party with only a few days notice.

The runner up wasn’t too shabby though. I believe I have been to Trattoria Marcella a couple of times already but I never tire of Italian. I had narrowed down my selection to a couple of pastas when I heard the specials so I ended up with the pecan-encusted salmon over a bed of pasta in cream sauce. While it was probably not the most healthiest dinner, I really enjoyed the salmon.

The most popular selection was the lobster risotto, also one of the specials for the night, and I was lucky enough to get leftovers from quite a few friends! The risotto was so thick and creamy, it was very filling.

One of St. Louis’ classic Italian family-style restaurants. You cannot go wrong.


Trattoria Marcella =

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