Thursday, February 21, 2013

Circle 7 Ranch

For another birthday dinner, I had my foodie friend, Beth, take me to Circle 7 Ranch out in Ballwin, since I had heard so much about the “table taps”. It was a loud and noisy bar so I definitely had to take an adventurous friend! The place wasn’t too busy at 5pm, and we scored one of the last tables with the taps so it worked out well. By the time we left there, a couple of hours later, the place was jammed packed and we almost couldn’t hear each other talk.

We lucked out with the table taps in that we got a beer that we really enjoyed. Every table has one Bud product so that you really only get two interesting beers. Our second beer was Stella Artois and I am not a fan, but the waiter did offer to bring us a proper Stella glass for it. So Beth and I stuck with Goose Island Winter Ale, which was just delicious…when the beer tap worked.

We ran out of beer just after a half beer each and then the tap had some problems so we couldn’t get the beer to come out. Luckily the owner came over and fixed it himself and restarted our “counter”, which was very generous.

Since we were at a bar with sports on TV and beer within reach, you bet I ordered some greasy cheesy goodness. Beth and I split the Fried Pepper Jack (cheese balls!) and Pretzel Sticks (cheese dip!) appetizers to start with, and I just ordered the BBQ Quesadillas (brisket!) for my dinner. So you can eat well (and cheap) just from the “starters” area of the menu.

But Beth went ahead and ordered a B&B burger, which she graciously shared with me as well. The B&B was a blackended patty with blue cheese and red onion. I was really impressed with the number of different burgers with all kinds of interesting styles. I am most curious about the “My Big Fat Greek Burger”...

Needless to say…I did NOT have any room for dessert…

Definitely a “hip” place to hang, but only if you can get in and don’t mind a crowded bar atmosphere. But I was impressed at the depth of their menu as well as their selection of beers from the bar.


Circle 7 Ranch =

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