Sunday, March 17, 2013

Mia Sorella

After visiting Circle 7 Ranch a couple of months ago for my birthday, I saw just how close by Trattoria Marcella’s new Mia Sorella “casual Italian” restaurant was located…like right next door! This was the perfect location and speed for a mid-week dinner without the noise of Circle 7 Ranch. Unfortunately, between the two restaurants, parking is very difficult so the earlier you can get there, even during the week, the better.

Mia Sorella had TWO types of gnocchi on their menu and my friend was kind enough to order the other one so I got to try both. Mine came with spinach and mushrooms in a truffled parmigiano cream. Quite heavy, but delicious. Hers came in a meat ragu, which was almost as good and hard to call. You’re better off deciding if you’re in a red or white mood. Regardless, both were amazing.

Since it’s a casual restaurant, there are quite a few pizzas available on their menu as well as sandwiches, in addition to their famous pastas. But I pretty much saw everyone ordering pasta, so I don’t think you can go wrong there.

I was also quite impressed with their lengthy wine list and I got so excited to see a Sparkling Lambrusco on the menu but unfortunately they were out. Too many others must have been as thrilled as I was, so I went with my usual German Riesling, Bloom 2009.


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