Sunday, March 17, 2013

Mission Taco

I had been looking forward to STLwinegirl’s Fourth Business “Birthday” because it meant breaking in a new restaurant, Mission Taco Joint, from the same owners as Milagro Modern Mexican, Tortillaria, and Barrister's! If there is one thing that I love to eat, it is FISH TACOS!

I had fond memories of the place as the Delmar Lounge, but I love the replacement far better. Since we were the “soft opening” for the restaurant, we got to order whatever we wanted. I was all about the Baja Fish Tacos and you can choose if you want them grilled or fried. I also tried a Roasted Duck Taco and a Nopales, which is roasted cactus, but either that or the spicy peppers did not agree with me. Vegetarians and vegans should be happy to note that there is also a Mofu Tofu Taco on the list as well!

Thanks to my tablemates, I can also definitely recommend The Cowboy burrito (definitely large and filling, so maybe split this) and the Chicken Flautas (incredible flavor)!

In addition to all the tacos I devoured, I also tried a couple of the four cocktails that were available for the evening. The First Punch Thrown (rye whiskey, raspberry, honey, lemon, orange) was very sweet and perfect for me because it was too sweet for everyone else. You can’t taste the alcohol at all so you needed to be careful! I also had a Coctel De Conac (cognac, curacao, blood orange juice), which also was quite the citrusy sweet drink. Everyone else was raving about the Ostrich Milk, which looked like Bailey’s Irish Cream but had rum, cynar, cinnamon syrup, and milk.

I have since been back because it is the perfect stop to make before a show at The Pageant (if you don’t have time to wait for a Pi Pizza!), but I have yet to order the famous lobster taco. They were out when I got there so be sure to grab one when you can!

This is absolutely a place you have to try a few times so you can work your way through the menu. The food, cocktails, and beer selection (local beers!) are all winners.

I’m not quite sure how STLwinegirl will top this for next year…


Mission Taco Joint =

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  1. Putting pressure on Angie for next year! At least you're giving her a year to think about it.


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