Sunday, March 17, 2013

Tenacious Eats Sideways

I got to attend my second Tenacious Eats event when The American Wine Society St. Louis Chapter presented a six-course dinner and wine pairing with the movie “Sideways”. I have only seen the movie once so I was looking forward to seeing it again and this time, with food and wine in hand.

My dates for the evening: Michael Segura and Cocktails-Are-Go man, Matt Sorrell!

Unfortunately, I did not get any wine notes with the pairings so my biases pretty much went with the two Pinot Noirs that were served with the pork tenderloin and brisket…also the best pairings since the medium reds were well balanced with the meatier courses. But you can see all the wines in the picture below.

First Course: You Could Work in a Wine Store
Manchego and asparagus souffle on a nest of toasted almonds, strawberries, shaved green asparagus, local ice cycle radish, and a Waldburg Balsam grape, lemon and ginger vinaigrette.

Second Course: Why Do "Foulon" Fall in Love!
Cherry wood smoked pork tenderloin medallion, truffle salt, wasabi whipped baby Yukon potatoes, root vegetable hash cup, and a pork and pinot noir demiglaze.

Third Course: And it Tastes so Fucking Good
Briased grass fed highland cow brisket, parsnip and potato pommes frites, Gruyere dust, sauteed local kale and Amish Bleu creme.

Fourth Course: Picnic for Four
Chilled fried free-range chicken, local sixty-degree egg, pickled grapes, whole grain mustard creme fraiche.


Fifth Course: I Left My Heart in Santa Barbara
St. Louis Style BBQ spare ribs, Bou-yah slaw and sexy soft white cheddar grits

Sixth Course: Christina's Wedding Cake
Thibodaux chocolate cake, Conord grape jam, almond butter French butter cream, cabernet reduction and macerated currents, apricot and cherries.

The best part about this Tenacious Eats was the “reenactment” scene put on by distinguished wine members, which included Jeff Callahan drinking and spilling a bucket of wine all over himself. You just never know what you’ll get at a Tenacious Eats viewing!

Special thanks to our Chefs for the evening: Chef Elizabeth Schuster and Justin Yarrington!


The American Wine Society =

Photos by Jacqui Segura, also known as The Cocktail Ambassador =

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