Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Five Bistro

Unfortunately, this restaurant has closed.

Typically, when I'm driving south on Kingshighway, I am usually heading to the Hill and someplace Italian. but on the northern edge, hides an excellent restaurant Five Bistro.

The interior is beautiful and the restaurant is surrounded by its very own garden on both sides, which I recommend peeking at when it's not the cold and rainy weather that we had at the end of winter. Luckily, there were plenty of dishes to warm us up with a local and seasonal menu!

We made a reservation for the middle of the week but it probably wasn't required, and again, this was back when the weather wasn't the best. I have no doubt you'll need a reservation for the weekends. Certainly upscale enough for a birthday or special occasion dinner.

Since Patience and I often have a hard time narrowing down our choices, we appreciated a smaller menu, which fit all on one sheet. (Now the cocktail menu is another story, and you may just have to try a few.)

You have a choice of a handful small plates, which we shared easily so we could try a few items, or choose from several full entrees which covered all the bases of salmon, chuck roast, pork belly, and a chicken leg confit. (The menu will definitely be different due to the season, but I was happy to see one of each.)

Here were our small plates that we sampled and they were so good, we actually ordered more than one plate of the risotto!
Risotto Milanese
We all started off with a 5BistroGarden greens salad that came with white asparagus, candied pistachios, Baetje Farm cheese, and a deviled chicken egg. Almost too pretty to eat.

5BistroGarden Greens
In addition to risotto, we also go our other favorite - pasta! But not just any ordinary pasta, but a Missouri Nettle Ravioli with wild morel mushrooms!! Talk about attention to detail!

Missouri Nettle Ravioli
As for the Grilled ScharfFarm asparagus, it worked out well that I got the egg in trade for the bacon so everyone was happy on this dish.

Grilled ScharfFarm asparagus
Five Bistro also serves a housemade charcuterie plate, house cheese selections, which can be ordered separately, as well as a prix-fixe menu with or without wine pairings.


Five Bistro = http://www.fivebistro.com/

Photos by: Patience Scanlon

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