Sunday, July 13, 2014

Prime 1000

Unfortunately, Prime 1000 has closed.

Thanks to some wine friends wanting to meet up and get together for dinner, I finally got to try Prime 1000. I had been meaning to take my Dad there for a while since he always loves a good steakhouse, but now I know for sure that this would be a fantastic place for him. Going during the middle of the week also makes it easy to get in and it was very quiet. I’m sure it depends on the convention schedule in the area though.

We waited in the bar for our friends and was really blown away by the bar menu. We had a very hard time choosing a beer just because they had such a great selection.  Since we went during the week, there was even happy hour pricing. I would have been fine ordering a few apps off the bar menu and having a delicious meal right there.

Since we were meeting friends for a real dinner and wine, we just ordered the fish tacos, which were light in tasting, yet quite filling, and went great with a beer.

Fish Taco
Once we sat down at the table, the wine list is quite lengthy and you really have to focus on that for quite a bit before you can even start to study the food menu. I was a little overwhelmed. I didn’t pick out the first wine, but I was tasked with the second bottle and was a little nervous. It is times like these that I am thankful for what wine knowledge I do have.

Peppoli Cianti Classico 2010
There are no menus online to study in advance so the pressure is on at the table. Luckily, it is the type of restaurant where you can linger as your meal will probably take a few hours. The dinner menu was actually very concise and easy to manage and I assume that the menu is not online since it changes frequently. It’s always better to go with the freshest seasonal selections.

The waiter patiently explained the types of cuts of beef that were available and there are instructions about picking your sauce and sides that come with your dinner. I was happy to see there were grass-fed and bison options and those were the popular choices at our table. 

8oz Grass-Fed Filet
Patience ordered the scallops, which came with a few mussels so that was a winner as well, although the creole rice was a little weighty in comparison to the rich scallops.

Day Boat Scallops with Creole Rice, Mussels, Okra, Spicy Tomato Jam
You can see that our filets came out simply, topped with roasted garlic on top. No flash needed as the filets were perfectly cooked. The sauces were amazing as well, not that any was necessary.

I’m not sure where we found room, but I could not resist the chocolate cake goodness that followed either.  

Chocolate cake and granche
A completely decadent meal, top notch service (both at the table and in the bar)…certainly worthy of any special occasion. 
French and Italian reds were the highlight of the evening

Photos by Patience Scanlon

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