Saturday, July 5, 2014

PW Pizza Excel Dinner

This probably had to be one of the best PW Pizza dinners that we've been to and I certainly wish Excel Brewing Company was a lot closer to St. Louis, as they are located in Breese, Illinois.

Normally I require outstanding pairings to get high ranks but Excel's beers were so accessible, I really think they can compliment most foods.

I could drink the Lefty's Lager all day long...perfect light, summer beer with 5% ABV and 15 IBU. Perhaps not much flavor to it, but it really let the Goat Cheese & Green Apple Bruschetta be the star.
Goat Cheese & Green Apple Bruschetta
Not only was the appetizer a little more exciting than the usual salad, the Roasted Chicken Pizza and Prime Rib Pizza were quite amazing. Again, the milder beers really let the pizza shine.

Roasted Chicken Pizza
I loved the huge chunks of tomato as well as the roasted chicken, but I had to pull off the jalapenos. It was there since it was matched up to a "IPA" type of beer. I am also a huge fan of their honey wheat crust!

Prime Rib Pizza
This was just as awesome because it was covered in delicious vegetables (caramelized onion, bell and banana peppers, mushroom) in addition to the prime rib. The Bose Roggen beer can be compared to a Schwarzbier since it's full bodied, but no bitter after taste.

Patience gave the dessert and the Southside Stout Trifle two thumbs up!! Chocolate cake, caramel, pecans, and toasted marshmallows on top inside an individual glass serving.

Southside Stout Trifle
Here is their full beer list and we got to try four out of six!

Excel Beer List

PW Pizza =

Excel Brewing Company =

Photos by Patience Scanlon

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