Saturday, August 30, 2014

Peacemaker Lobster & Crab

Sometimes there are good ideas, and sometimes there are great ideas! My friend Beth picked Peacemaker as the restaurant of choice for our birthday celebration. We're a little bit late in celebrating, but it all worked out in our favor since we got to try this brand new restaurant.

Normally, I try to wait until the hype dies down and the restaurant has worked out the kinks when it's this new, but none of that applies. Go now and go often. That's really the best way to try everything on the menu.

Since Peacemaker has been getting a ton of press already and you know what to expect when you hear the name Kevin Nashan. (I even saw him in the kitchen!) As a seafood lover, I am just thrilled that there is a top notch place in St. Louis for it now along with a casual feel.

The inside is a stark contrast to Sidney Street, literally down the street, as the Peacemaker has a New England lobster shack feel to it. All the servers are in t-shirts and aprons, and there were quite a few of them for a medium-sized space. This means excellent service.

Another great idea that I had was getting there early on a Friday night. The restaurant was actually slow at 5:30pm when we arrived and by 6pm, it was just starting to get busy. Peacemaker doesn't take reservations for parties less than six, so you definitely want to plan accordingly. By the time we left at 7:30, there were almost as many people waiting outside the restaurant as they were inside, and the bar area was packed.

Getting to the restaurant early meant we could review the menu and plan our attack. Of course we wanted to order everything, but luckily, it wasn't too long so we could cover most areas. We started the night with five different types of oysters, and I found that I enjoyed the saltier ones better since I was able to compare them all. Regardless, they are so light that you can afford to have quite a few and still have room for the rest of the menu.

My friend Matt started out with a cup of gumbo, which would be perfect for me on a chilly night.

Our "side dish", fried green tomatoes, actually came out next and we enjoyed them as an appetizer as well. This was probably for the best because once our entrees came out, we were far too distracted.

Fried Green Tomatoes
I ordered my first shrimp po'boy, which was a lot sweeter than I imagined. while Patience got the lobster roll, Connecticut style, which was so incredibly rich! Both entrees came with a side of homemade chips.

Shrimp Po'Boy

Lobster Roll
Regardless of the amount of food we had eaten at this point, we weren't too stuffed so we went ahead an ordered TWO desserts and combined them together. Peach pie and vanilla ice cream in a chocolate shell...all homemade!

Peach Pie with ice cream and magic shell
For my friends, they decided to try the Lobster Frito Pie, which was actually on the side dish menu. The Fritos bag contained frito powder, red chili cooked in lobster stock, sweet chunks of lobster, and a sprinkle of cheese.

Lobster Frito Pie
Let me know anytime you want someone to go with! I hope to go a lot more!


Peacemaker Lobster & Crab=

Photos by Patience Scanlon

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