Monday, September 8, 2014

Wine Girl Wednesday at Element

I was really looking forward to having another excuse to go to Element since I have been a couple of times already. You can check out my past blog post here, back from April. With such a unique menu, I was really curious how the STLwinegirl, Angela Ortmann, was going to pair up several wines.

Wine Girl Wednesday Menu at Element
Of course, my favorite was the Blue Point Oysters with the Gruet Brut Sparkling (it's actually from New Mexico and quite affordable!).

Blue Point Oyster, Smoked Mignonette
Patience and I also dared to try the Briased Oxtail and we were both quite surprised at the rich, meaty flavor. This pared perfectly with the Guardian Cellars "Chalk Line" (a red blend!) from Washington State.
Briased Oxtail, Pickled Papaya, Grapes
We both skipped over the Braised Bacon, Watermelon, and Pig Ear so unfortunately, I didn't get the glass of Efeste Riesling from Washington State.

Braised Bacon, Watermelon, and Pig Ear
Since we were in a hurry to order our oysters, we didn't realize there was an optional "tasting board" this time around where you could taste each pairing plus an additional two more! Luckily, my friends shared some bites of the Vegetable Ash Coated Goat Cheese, which was amazing with the Muscat dessert wine.

Tasting Board
Then things started to get a little crazy. With only sharing a couple of pairings thus far, Patience and I decided to try a couple of new dishes off the menu. Unfortunately, they were out of the Ocean Cocktail (a good variety of seafood!) so instead we shared the Beets and Summer Salad small plates.

The Beets came with kale chips in a curry creme fraiche.

Summer Salad
The Summer Salad included zucchini, tomato, and carrot in a lemon peppercorn vinaigrette, which was very sweet.

While that doesn't sound too crazy, we did keep the evening going a little while longer as everyone at our table ended up ordering a different dessert on top of everything else we ate and drank thus far!

Custard with fig topping
Wafers with blueberries

Bread pudding with raspberries and plums

You know I was the one that ordered the chocolate dessert!

Chocolate Cake

STLwinegirl =

Element =

Photos by Patience Scanlon and Jolena Shatzer

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