Saturday, November 8, 2014


Thanks to some new friends, I finally was able to get into EdgeWild during a week night. The weekends are totally jammed there and now I know what all the hype is about!

I first was impressed with the wine tasting bar right when you walk in (for a nominal fee). What a great way to pass the time while you wait for your table! The bartender was very friendly and even introduced me to the best wines on their list, which took away the guesswork before I got to the table.

While we were at the bar, I learned all about their “wine club”, which really sounds like a good deal because it involves a monthly bottle as well as free wine classes. I think that is brilliant marketing by the restaurant to encourage repeat business.

EdgeWild is also like another winery since a lot of the wine list are wines produced specifically for the restaurant. I had my doubts, but the best white wine I found was one under the EdgeWild brand.

After sitting down at the table, our hosts generously started the night with goat cheese mixed with pistachios and honey. I tried very hard not to eat the entire plate by myself, but came pretty close.

I had done my homework earlier in the day so I was able to narrow down my dinner choice to scallops and I figured Patience would do the same. We did end up sharing each other's side dish at least since she ordered the butternut squash risotto, while I got the couscous. We both cleaned our plates.

Scallops with couscous

Scallops with Butternut Squash risotto
Somehow, Patience found room for dessert and got the pie with Serendipity ice cream on top. Our guests shared their order of chocolate covered grapes. Oh yeah...I forgot to mention the restaurant also has a glass case full of Bissenger's Chocolates. The bartender admitted that he has had customers request one of everything in the case!

If you can get in and make it through the wait, this restaurant definitely lives up to the hype. The owners even came over to the table since they recognized our friends as regulars. How welcoming!


EdgeWild =

Serendipity =

Bissenger's Chocolate =

Photos by Patience Scanlon

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