Sunday, August 2, 2015

London Tea Room

I had tried to go to Local Harvest Cafe for breakfast this past weekend and we were sorry to see that they are no longer open for brunch.

Turning around, we almost ran smack into London Tea Room, which had been a place I really had been wanting to try, especially after visiting London many years ago. Tea time never happened and I'm still not much of a tea fan anyway, but I was happy to have a good excuse to try it out now.

While it's the perfect spot for a quick spot of coffee or tea and nosh, the menu really is limited, although there are quite a few scones, shortbread, cakes, and pastries. (Some British candy also lined the cabinets.)

Luckily, the pieces of quiche were quite a hearty size and made for the perfect breakfast. Even the cup of coffee was a good size.

Lorraine and Spinach Quiche
I certainly am curious about the rest of the menu and if you want a quiet, adorable, and cozy spot in the city, this is definitely for you.


London Tea Room =

Photo by Patience Scanlon

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