Monday, August 24, 2015

Taco Circus

I wonder if they call it Taco Circus because of how many people you can fit in the tiny restaurant or how such a little place can churn out so many tacos.

Taco Circus on the corner
Anyway, Taco Circus serves small "street tacos" so you can order several in one sitting, but all of them were overflowing out of their shells, and are well worth the $1.99 price!

I tried the Chicken Fajita, Veggie Rice and Avocado, and the Veggie Bean and Cheese. The chicken had the most flavor for sure.

Taco Circus has a fairly concise menu and that made it a lot easier to figure out what I wanted, but I still had to decide on the type of tortilla (soft flour, soft corn, or crispy corn), as well as your choice of toppings (lettuce & tomato or cilantro & onion). So you might have to go back a few times to try all the different combinations!

Still, there are a lot of sides like chips and guacamole so you really can't go away hungry!

Tacos, chips, and guacamole
We also learned that the place is open for breakfast everyday and they offer "breakfast tacos" filled with eggs!

Even if there isn't enough room, there are a few picnic tables outside and it was a perfect weekend to do so!


Taco Circus =

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