Monday, September 7, 2015

Old Standard

Unfortunately, Old Standard has closed.

With all the talk about fried chicken these days, I still needed to get to Old Standard. I think it was probably good that I had waited a while since there was no line and it was not too crowded for a Friday night.

We listened to everyone and started off with the Biscuits & Bread that came with two butters, and two jams, orange marmalade and blueberry. It was fun to try all the flavors! The corn bread and biscuits were so fluffy and delicious!

Biscuits & Bread
After spying the amount of chicken on our neighbor's table, we smartly ordered half a chicken to split between the two of us and that was plenty. It comes with a thigh, breast, leg, wing and two sides!

Half Chicken with Brussels Sprouts and Mac & Cheese
The chicken came out with two bottles with sauces. One was a creamy yogurt sauce, while the other was a mild wing sauce. I liked being able to control the amount of heat in each bite and I really enjoyed the sauce even though I can't do too much spice.

For our sides, of course we got the Mac & Cheese, while Patience got her favorite Brussels Sprouts.

Mac & Cheese
The coating on the fried chicken was VERY crispy so it was quite different than anything else I have ever had. So not as much flavor as some others, but the chicken was definitely tender and juicy.

Even though I ate more chicken than I should have, I still had to try the dessert since Turtle Pudding was on the list. I love pudding!! It was so rich and thick, I couldn't make it through...

Turtle Pudding
This chicken place has the advantage of being open for dinner as well as all day Sunday brunch so it's easy to get in. Yet, I think I want to try some other places so I can compare them.


Old Standard =

Photos by Patience Scanlon

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