Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Nami Ramen

Unfortunately, Patience was feeling under the weather and all she wanted to eat was soup. Luckily, Nami Ramen just opened up in Clayton, which is about five minutes away!

Downtown Clayton is nice and quiet in the evenings so it was easy to sneak in before the dinner rush. There are not too many tables, but there are quite a few seats along the windows and at the bar in addition to a couple of communal tables.

Communal Tables
Important note: When you walk in the doors, turn right! This is very important so that the first thing you'll see is the menu, whereas if you do what we did, you'll look around the dining room completely lost.

Menu board and cashier
While I was a bit overwhelmed by the menu at Robata (they have sushi AND ramen AND you have to pick the style and you don't know what is what), I found that the menu at Nami was a lot easier to read through.

There are a lot of pork options so that really helped to narrow down my choice even more.

We started off with some edamame...

I chose the Seafood Ramen, which came with huge chunks of shrimp tempura. Each tray comes with a soup spoon and chopsticks.

Seafood Ramen
And Patience ordered the Show Me, Shoyu Ramen, which is ramen with pork shoulder.

Show Me, Shoyu Ramen
Check out the giant seaweed paper decorating the bowl! Once it melted a little bit, I stirred it into my soup. Of course we both took half our soup home because of the generous portions.

Not as cramped as Robata... I can't wait to try more Ramen!


Nami Ramen = http://namiramen.com/

Photos by Patience Scanlon

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