Friday, May 18, 2018

PW Pizza Brooklyn Brewery Beer Dinner

I really don't know much about Brooklyn Brewery beers, but I first spotted them a few years ago while up in Chicago. Patience and I were beer shopping for new items and we found their chocolate stout over the winter.

At the other end of the spectrum, I am familiar with their green and black logo of the Amber Ale, but that's pretty much the extent of my knowledge, so I was happy to try some new things from them!

Without Patience in attendance, I forgot to capture the first course, but the Fried Shrimp Taco Salad was delicious along with the Sarachi Ace Saison. I normally don't enjoy this style, but it was very refreshing with the light salad.

The Sarachi Ace is a reference to the hops in the beer.

On to the good! The Korean Chicken Pizza had some hot peppers on it to give it a kick, but I just picked those off and was fine. This pizza probably could have used something sweet to cut the heat, but I enjoyed their most popular American Amber Lager.

Korean Chicken Pizza
I know I said I don't normally take pictures of the beer can labels, but I had to again this month because I love the style.

American Amber Lager
Now I know that you can't top the Prime Rib Pizza as the best PW Pizza of all time, but the Poutine Pizza was just as amazing as it sounds! This is definitely in my top three!

I even took a picture of the whole thing so you can appreciate it's beauty. You bet this baby is covered in mozzaerlla, cheese curds, and FRENCH FRIES!!!!

Poutine Pizza
The Defender IPA was very citrusy and a good pairing with the heavy pizza to cut through all that grease and I didn't mind the hops at all.

Check out this "superhero" type label! Bad ass!

Defender IPA
Since I had extra Poutine Pizza, I really didn't have much room for dessert and the Chevre Cheese Cake  was way too rich for me. Luckily, it was small, but we were all so full by that time we reached the last course.

Dessert was well paired with the Bel Air Sour, matching tart flavors, but everyone puckered at this beer. You really have to be a sour fan to drink it. But, the label reminded me of Miami Vice!

Brooklyn Bel Air Sour
And special thanks to Dr Anne for filling in at the last minute. My table mates liked her a lot so it looks like she'll be joining again next month!


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