Sunday, May 6, 2018

Rack House and Big O Cocktail Dinner

My buddy Curt invited me out to the Rack House and the reason I agreed to drive ALL the way out there was because it was a Big O cocktail dinner! Spirits of St. Louis were also partners for this dinner as well.

I have actually eaten at the Rack House before since it IS a wine bar! Yet, I thought it was very cool that they were open to hosting a cocktail dinner and apparently they have also expanded their bar with over 100 whiskeys as well!

I love the name of the "welcome" cocktail, Tasting Stars, perfect for a drink with sparkling wine. This was probably my favorite since it was the lightest cocktail of them all.

For the first official pairing, the Chili Rabbit was also easy to drink and I felt like I was drinking a boozy "V8" since there was carrot juice! It went well with the Carrot and Ginger Soup, which tasted just like a butternut squash soup...I could have had a big bowl and been done for the night.

Carrot and Ginger Soup
Man O Man was named for a Manhattan-style cocktail and of course this was too boozy for me, but they were smart and did a smaller pour. The clams were delightful though!

Ginger Steamed Clams
A Movie Star's Three Hour Tour was appropriate for a Rum drink and I didn't mind all the boozy flavors since it was paired with a duck breast. This duck was cooked perfectly. I wonder if they have it on their regular menu? If so, you definitely have to order it!

Smoked Honey and Cumin Lacquered Duck Breast
The dessert pairing had Big O mixed with Compari and I'm not the biggest fan. Plus I was a little boozed out by this point. The dessert itself was amazing.

Strawberry, Rhubarb, Ginger, Basil, Honey
Then we finished off the night with my favorite, the Big O reserve! It's the only drink I finished. It's not really a cocktail since you drink it straight, but it's like liquid candy.

Big O Reserve
I was so glad that I paced myself and the courses were sized correctly so I wasn't overstuffed. The manager there knows his stuff so if you need a drink in St. Charles County, you should definitely stop in for dinner and join the wine club.

Cocktail line up

The Rack House =

Big O Ginger Liquor =


  1. I just ate there tonight - and they do have the duck as an entree now. We had meat balls and duck confit cake, pork chop as big as my upper arms, and crab cakes. And a marvelous bacon brownie.

    1. OMG! I didn't realize the QUEEN read my blog!!! So glad you enjoyed it as much as I did!


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